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Eastern Western
Fairy Tal
e Wedding

at the Iconic Hotel InterContinental Madrid

W&J gorgeous wedding at one of the classiest venues in the very heart of Madrid. Favourite of Hollywood stars, InterContinental is one of the most sophisticated backdrops for a love story.

W&J exchanged vows in a stunning Catholic ceremony at Basilica La Milagrosa, in both Mandarin and Spanish.

The celebration continued in one of the most elegant venues in the very heart of Madrid, hotel InterContinental, adding an air of sophistication to their special day.

Surrounded by the city's charm, W&J marked the beginning of their journey together in an Eastern Western Chic Wedding I´ll never forget.



"We were thrilled with the photos, but also the way she became part of the experience,

managing to capture all those special moments, without affecting the running of the day.


Actually her great mood, energy and kindness meant our day ran more smoothly

than we could have hoped."

Miriam & Jesus

I ´d love to hear more about your day!

Let´s create something beautiful together!

Timeless images,

captured with grace.

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